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Over the last decade or so I have worked with steel, glass, marble dust, dirt, weeds, insects, bacteria, seeds, flour, gold leaf foil, synthetics, and old books. I work out of respect for each material’s inherent integrity and a passion for creating beautiful objects and experiences. Every material projects its own spectrum of unique sensory triggers. If I’m sensitive enough in choosing what to put next to what, a moment will arrive when the collective story starts telling itself. The materials themselves contain no image, no representation, no story, but they create all these things in me.

How and why does all this work? How do ordinary things outside my body have such a powerful impact on the inside of my body? What are the neural mechanisms that connect whatever dots are available into some string of meaning. I don’t know, but the answer lies somewhere in the code that controls human perception and every one of my works is an attempt to crack it. My career to date is one long research project on this subject and each new work is another experiment.

My own existence and whatever personal or artistic philosophy I might form is embedded in this same cycle whether I’m aware of it or not. Working in this realm helps me remain aware of nature’s relentless progression through the cycle of life, death, and regeneration, and I hope that my works serve to share some of this revelation.