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Air into breath__ 2009
Black vinyl, aluminum and cord. 15' x 25' x 20' approx.
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air into breath

Visual Arts Center, San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas

David Meyer's sculptures underscore the tension between what is seen and what is preceived. The outline of Air into breath, 3 (2011) is derived from a photograhic image that has been distorted to create a new form only vaguely reminiscent of its source. As the artist explains, "Subject matter can shift from one thought to another and only becomes real when we believe it, like a ghost" It is that moment of recognition or comprehension that Meyer elicits in his sculptures. - Margaret Winslow, Associate Curator, Delaware Art Museum

'Air into breath' is an installation that originated from my thoughts concerning how memories effect what we see. The distortion is not a visual aspect, but an aspect of comprehension. How we comprehend what we are seeing is based on our past experiences or simply, what we see is what we know.

The work was created from over 100 parallel thin strips of vinyl. Each strip is suspended end-to-end to an aluminum framework to form a series of inverted arches that vary in length to create a reverse topography of a preexisting form.




Versions 4, 3 and 2
aluminum, ribbon, cord